Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun St. Patrick's Day Cards

While I don't scrapbook myself, I am addicted to all the stickers, stamps, papers, and other goodies that scrapbookers use - just call me a kid in a candy store!  So every now and then I have to find a reason to go use some of those goodies.
This little project was inspired by the four-leaf clovers we found in our yard. We found enough to give one to every child in my daughter's kindergarten class. We pressed them in wax paper and put them between the pages of a dictionary two days in advance. Then I got to have some fun!
Using stamps and embossing powder, we created the front of the cards.  We placed each clover in a small plastic bag we found in the bead aisle at the craft store, and used double sided tape to mount them inside the cards. Then we used an Irish Blessing stamps for the inside:

May soft be the grass that you walk on,
May fair be the skies above you,
May true be the joys that surround you,
May dear be the hearts that love you.

My daughter was so excited to have a four-leaf clover!
I love how children find the magic in the simplest things...

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