Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechaun Trap... I Mean, Present...

My daughter's kindergarten class made Leprechaun traps at home this week. Of course, I didn't see the paper until the last minute, so this is a quick and easy project you can make in an hour.

We started with a green "present" box from the craft store, and covered the sides in shamrock scrapbook paper. Then we cut out a drawbridge-like door from one side.  We lined the bottom and the inside of the door with a self-adhesive glitter foil, and cut "coins" from gold glitter craft foam. We made one extra-large coin with a hole in the center - this will be the "trigger" and the bait.  We cut a hole in the center back of the box, opposite the door, and two holes in the outside corners of the drawbridge.  Running a ribbon through the bait coin, we then put both ends of the ribbon through the hole in the center back of the box, making a loop that goes through the coin and out. We then brought the ribbon up and over the top of the box, and laced an end through each of the drawbridge holes, tying a bow with the ends.  Now when the leprechaun grabs that big coin and pulls, he closes the door on himself! Two pieces of self-adhesive magnet, cut from a strip, fasten the door shut when closed.  We finished off the top of the box with rainbow ribbon tied in a bow.

Not too shabby for a last minute school project!

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