Monday, March 12, 2012

The Woman Looking for Her Car Keys

My mother once told me a funny tale about a woman looking for her car keys. We have laughed about it often, and it seems to apply to my daily life more often than not. Most of the things I manage to accomplish seem to happen while I am "looking for my car keys."  So to share the story that started this page...
A woman was looking for her car keys, so naturally she started with her purse. She couldn't find them there, but she did notice quite a few items in her purse that really belonged in the hall closet. Deciding to be proactive, she went to put them away, but the closet was so disorganized that she had no place to put anything.  In the spirit of being proactive, she started cleaning out the closet. Soon, she had a pile of things in the living room to put away, in the kitchen to be washed, on the stairs to go to the bedrooms and the laundry, by the door to donate, and in the dining room... for lack of a better place at the moment.
Heading to living room, she started getting the items put away, but was distracted by the stack of magazines that the kids had scattered on their way out the door. She sorted those into piles: to recycle, to donate, to keep on the coffee table, and some her friends might like. She found miscellaneous silverware she had been looking for, and a pile of toys that needed to go upstairs.
Taking the silverware to the kitchen, she washed it up and, while putting it away, noticed how dirty the silverware trays were. Hating to put clean silverware in the dirty trays, she took out the silverware, put it on a towel on the counter, and dumped the trays in the sink to clean up.  Unfortunately, her cleaning soap was upstairs...
Grabbing the toys from the living room, she headed upstairs to deliver the toys to their rightful homes and get the soap. Upon arriving in her daughter's room, she noticed that the shelves and bins were so full of baby toys that her daughter had outgrown that there was no place to put these new toys. Snatching up a shopping bag, she loaded up the bag with some of the old toys and took them down to put in the "donate" pile.
Of course, she forgot the soap upstairs. Taking a load of books and video games on THIS trip up the stairs, she delivered these to her son's room. Being a 10 year old boy, she couldn't see the floor for the dirty clothes. Setting the books and video games on the bed for her son to put away when he got home, she scooped up the dirty clothes and took them to the laundry room.  While she was there, she decided to go ahead and start a load of laundry. She sorted the clothes into several piles (no need to describe this... we've all been there), started a load of laundry, finally grabbed the soap for cleaning the silverware trays, and headed back downstairs to the kitchen.
She was hard at work cleaning out those silverware trays when her husband came home for lunch. Well, he tried to come home, but he couldn't open the door from the garage for the pile of things to be donated.  When he finally got the door open and surveyed the destruction, he asked his wife - very carefully - "what happened?"
She looked at him, confused, and said, "What do you mean, what happened?"
He looked around and asked, "What are you doing?"
She thought about it and said:
"Looking for my car keys."


  1. LOL It is so true. I feel this way everyday.

    1. Hahaha I love it, It's soooo you! maybe i need to lose my car keys more often.

      Ps: it's jodi maegans mom ;)